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This is a 1970’s era, color movie about Chevrolet product options. The film opens with a couple driving down the road in a Chevy. Chevrolet’s 4-season air conditioning panel, 1:10. Couple enjoys a drive in their Chevy, 1:22. Chevrolet Comfortron, 1:28. Engineering cold room, 1:44. Model is seen in a Chevy, 2:09. Comfort tilt steering wheel is demonstrated, 2:20. Chevy Cruisemaster speed control, 2:54. Tire stuck in the mud, 3:19. Positraction animation, 3:35. Chevy pulls a boat out of the water, 4:15. Chevy’s rear window defogger, 4:35. Chevy’s power windows, 4:52. Chevy’s power door locks, 5:02. Man turns on radio in his Chevy – a Solid State AM/FM radio, 5:31. Couple sits in back seat of a Chevy, 5:42. 8 track deck is used in a Chevy, 5:56. Vinyl roof and bumper strips, 6:18. Custom wheel covers, 6:26. Chevy brochure, 7:03. Chevy drives down the road, 7:15. Produced for the Information of Chevrolet Sales Personnel by Bill Sandy Company, Inc. Color by Technicolor. Distributed by United Visuals. END PART 1. The 1972 New Vehicle Warranty, 7:49. Visuals of the warranty document, 8:05. Men shake hands, 8:16. Designers work on Chevy concepts, 8:25. Chevy’s are tested in the factory, 8:40. Chevy engine parts, 9:03. Chevy shocks in action, 9:28. Chevy instruments animation, 9:32. Men check under the hood, 9:55. Highlights of the warranty, 10:15. An overstuffed station wagon, 10:52. Replacement items: spark plugs, ignition points, positive crank-case ventilation valves, brakes and clutch linings, 11:00. Delco battery, 11:29. Tires, 11:45. Chevrolet and GM logos, 12:14. Dealer service station, 12:28. Wheel alignment and balancing, 12:44. Carburetor adjustments, 12:49. Drive belts, transmission, clutch, 12:50. Cleaning of fluids, 12:55. The responsibilities of the Chevy owner, 13:15. Chevy owners go over their owner’s manual, 13:25. Chevy engine, 13:54. Emission control manual, 14:15. Different views of the Chevy engine, 15:15. Tires spinning, 15:25. People walk on the showroom floor, 15:40. Woman reads the owner’s manual and warranty paperwork, 16:04. Man shakes hand with dealer, 16:31. Couple ride in their new Chevy, 16:40. 1972 Chevrolet Owner’s Manual.

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