A Chef's Environment | Smokehouse Tavern ft. Top Chef BJ Smith

Hoje foi veiculado através do canal do youtube Faint Media o vídeo “A Chef's Environment | Smokehouse Tavern ft. Top Chef BJ Smith”.

Confomre informação divulgada pelo canal Faint Media: “Mike hangs out with chef BJ Smith from Top Chef Season 13. We talk about legacy, growing up and mental health. One of the questions that Mike wanted to address was the lost of our friend Anthony Bourdain; to dig deeper on the mental health side of being a chef.

Smokehouse Tavern rubs and smokes a variety of barbecued fish, fowl, pig, lamb and cow. All of our meat and vegetables are sourced from local butchers and farmers, and the buns for our sandwiches come from Ken’s Artisan Bakery, right here in Portland.

All of our meat is served dry, so you determine which, if any, sauce you want and how much of it to use. Barbecue sauces include Classic and Spicy (Texan-style) or Spicy Vinegar and Mustard (Carolina-style). And everything comes with wet naps and extra napkins (trust us: you’ll want ‘em).

Check out Smokehouse Tavern:

1401 SE Morrison #117
Portland OR. 97214


Director: Mike Truong
Lead Content Producer: Mike Truong
Special Guest: BJ SMITH
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Mike Truong(@faintmike)


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