BEST OF APRIL 2020 in The Voice Kids

Poucos minutos atrás foi veiculado através do canal do youtube The Voice Global o vídeo “BEST OF APRIL 2020 in The Voice Kids”.

Segundo publicado pelo canal The Voice Global: “Although April has been a very different and difficult month due to the current pandemic, The Voice talents still managed to share their exceptional singing talent with us. Wether it was through prerecorded footage, performances from home or performances in an empty studio. In this compilation we highlight the BEST of these performances of APRIL 2020 in The Voice Kids.\n\n🔻WATCH THE FULL PERFORMANCES:\n1. Olesya Kazachenko sings ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ (The Voice Kids Russia):\n\n \n2. Michelle sings ‘Still Into You’ (The Voice Kids Germany):\n\n\n3. Yentl sings ‘Angels’ (The Voice Kids Netherlands):\n\n\n4. Anja sings ‘The Hanging Tree’ (The Voice Kids Germany):\n\n\n5.Adelina Bayseupova sings ‘History Repeating’ (The Voice Kids Azerbaijan):\n\n\n6. Nora vs. Roos vs. Jasmijn sing ‘Someone You Loved’ (The Voice Kids Netherlands):\n\n\n7. Grėtė vs. Anastasija vs. Ugnė sing ‘Creep’ (The Voice Kids Lithuania):\n\n\n8. Julia sings ‘Happier’ (The Voice Kids Netherlands):\n\n\n9. Nikolas sings ‘Someone You Loved’ (The Voice Kids Germany):\n\n\n10. Skomorokhova vs. Deryabina vs. Andreeva sing ‘Dance Monkey’ (The Voice Kids Russia):\n\n\n🔻SUBSCRIBE\nSubscribe now to see more amazing ‘The Voice’ performances from around the globe:\n\n🔻OTHER CHANNELS\n @La Voz Global \n @Best of The Voice Kids \n @Best of The Voice \n\n🔻SOCIAL\nFollow The Voice Global on Instagram:\n\n🔻HASHTAGS\n#TheVoice #VoiceKids2020”

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