Bolsonaro removes mask after positive Covid-19 test to show press I m doing well

A Alguns minutos foi publicado no canal do youtube Guardian News o vídeo “Bolsonaro removes mask after positive Covid-19 test to show press ‘I’m doing well'”.

Confomre informação divulgada pelo Guardian News: “Jair Bolsonaro has said he is ‘absolutely fine’ after testing positive for Covid-19. The Brazilian president announced the result in a live television broadcast in which he removed his mask in front of reporters to demonstrate his health. Bolsonaro has previously trivialised the pandemic and said that, if infected, he would quickly shake off the illness due to his ‘athlete’s background’ \nSubscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ►\n\nBolsonaro won’t help with coronavirus, so Brazil’s favelas are helping themselves ►\n\nBrazilian president Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus ►\n\nJair Bolsonaro has trashed Brazil’s image but he hasn’t broken its soul ►\n\nSupport the Guardian ►\n\nToday in Focus podcast ►\n\nThe Guardian YouTube network:\n\nThe Guardian ►\nOwen Jones talks ►\nGuardian Football ►\nGuardian Sport ►\nGuardian Culture ►”

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