Building A Lamborghini Sports Car in Fortnite!

A Pouco tempo foi divulgado através do canal Shride – Fortnite Creative o vídeo “Building A Lamborghini Sports Car in Fortnite!”.

Segundo informado pelo canal Shride – Fortnite Creative: “Today, I show a speedbuild of me Building A Lamborghini Sports Car in Fortnite!\n❱ Subscribe for Fortnite Tutorials!\n\nIn today’s video I’m showing you how to build a Lamborghini Sports Car / Vehicle with primitive shapes like Circles and Spheres in Fortnite Creative! This is a beginners / intermediate tutorial where we’ll mostly be building artisticly and showing tips and tricks on how to model vehicles.\n\nTodays fortnite creative tutorial is a part of my new Speedbuild Playlist Series where I’ll be showing a speedbuild or timelapse of a map, scenery or model that’s all built within Fortnite Creative!\n\nFortnite Creative Tutorials Playlist:\nFortnite Creative Speedbuild Playlist:\n\nSpeedbuild Map Code:\n\n⭐️ Connect with Shride:\nTwitter:\nInstagram:\nDiscord: [Link coming soon]\n\nI hoped you enjoyed today’s tutorial video where I’m Building A Lamborghini Sports Car in Fortnite Creative!”

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