CaDa Lamborghini Centenario Master Series c61041 MOC Super Car Speed Build – Brick Builder

A Alguns minutos foi veiculado pelo canal Brick Builder o vídeo “CaDa Lamborghini Centenario Master Series c61041 MOC Super Car Speed Build – Brick Builder”.

Segundo divulgado pelo canal Brick Builder: “CaDa Lamborghini Centenario\nYou can buy here:\n\u0026ref=q0jpwx5wbi0\nuse code for 5% off : CADA5%BRICK\n\nYou can watch more about this beautiful set:\n\n\nWelcome to Cada Master series. The Master series is based on licensing copyrighted Moc designs from original designers. The idea behind Master series is to allow brick hobbyists from around the world to experience great builds from well-known Moc designers by bringing the licensed design and components at one place conveniently and work with Moc designers to help them create more Moc designs.\n\nMain Features\n● Price: $194.99\n● Bricks Quantity: 3842PCS\n● Materials: ABS\n● Difficulty: Extra High\n● Package weight: 5.4540 kg\n● Product size (L x W x H):59.00 x 25.00 x 13.00 cm\n● Package size (L x W x H): 56.70 x 37.30 x 14.60 cm\n\nInterestingness for collectors: \n770-4 Super Car comes in an exquisite box along with a fine quality instruction book with detailed building instructions. The C61041W set consists of 3842 pieces which are packed in numbered 4 boxes.\n\nThe model itself is a real master class design with realistic exterior and is a 1:8 scale replica. The set is built from 14 individually detachable modules. 770-4 Super Car features with openable bonnet, under is a detailed V12 cylinder engine with moving pistons and a knob to control adjustable tail spoiler. Working linked steering wheel is based on the front panel for easy access and play. The model has independent front and rear suspensions for smooth and lifelike movement. All wheel drive (AWD) with 3 differentials ensure stability in rough terrain conditions. A great feature worth mentioning is the 7 speed sequential transmission gearbox which is controlled with the gearshift inside the cabin.\n\nUnder the front bonnet, is a luxurious luggage compartment. The open doors give access to a detailed interior design including: adjustable dual seats, steering wheel, rear-view mirror, armrest box, control panel and gearbox stick.\n\nC61041W is definitely a rewarding build which will impress most demanding super car brick fans.\n\n► Exclusive Lego Playlist\n\u0026list=PLs4268aeskjlI9ILWbiwLFGjeHExmNmnf\n\n#brickbuilder #legospeedbuild #CaDaMaster\n\n\nSubscribe:”

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