Charlie Sheen Fires Selma Blair from Anger Management!?

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Is Charlie Sheen Trying to Fire Selma Blair!?
According to TMZ, there’s a massive war on the set of “Anger Management” and things are getting ugly.
Charlie Sheen has reportedly fired his co-star Selma Blair, and he refuses to go to the set today if she shows up.
This battle began when Selma allegedly went to the producers complaining that Charlie is tough to work with—specifically, that he’s always late and has a poor work ethic.
Charlie found out what Selma said and unleashed his deadly wrath—he thinks she’s out of line because it’s his show, not to mention, he learns about 40 pages worth of lines each episode and she only learns 2.
Now sources are saying things have escalated to the point where Charlie flat out FIRED Selma, and if he sees her on set today, he refuses to work.
Here’s where it gets even stickier—Charlie apparently wants Mila Kunis on the show now for a 10 episode arc, and he’s willing to pay her $1 million per episode.
Mila is an interesting choice, considering she’s Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriend, ya know, the guy who replaced Charlie on Two and a Half Men!?
Executives at the FX network haven’t released a statement about the situation, but TMZ’s insiders are saying they hope everything smoothes over.
For now, let me know what you guys think is going on—are you on Team Charlie or Team Selma here?
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