A Alguns minutos foi veiculado pelo canal DailyDrivenExotics o vídeo “*CONFRONTATIONAL* LAMBORGHINI TOW TRUCK RECOVERY!”.

Conforme divulgado pelo canal DailyDrivenExotics: “Wolf Millionaire Make money on IG Course http://wolfmillionaire.com/\nMERCH:: https://dailydrivenexotics.com/\nPHONE HOLDER IN MY SUPERCARS http://bit.ly/ddemobileholder\nMY MAIN CAMERA FILMED IN 4K http://bit.ly/ddeSonya9\nWIDE ANGLE LENS http://bit.ly/ddelens16-35\nTHE GIMBAL “Mooooooth” http://bit.ly/ddeeasygimbal\nTHE DRONE I USE 4K http://bit.ly/ddeportabledrone\nBEST EXTERNAL MIC http://bit.ly/ddemegamic\nEXTERNAL VALUE MIC http://bit.ly/ddesimplemic\nACTIONA CAM I SUCTIONCUP TO MY CAR http://bit.ly/ddeactioncam\nSUCTIONCUP FOR ACTION CAM http://bit.ly/ddesuctioncupgorpo\nTHE BENDY TRIPOD I TRUST WITH MY CAMERA http://bit.ly/ddebendytripod\nYOU NEED THIS FOR BENDY TRIPOD http://bit.ly/ddetripodballhead\nSMALL CAMERA I USE http://bit.ly/ddecanong7x\nTHE SHOES I WEAR http://bit.ly/ddeconverse\nTHE SUNGLASSES STYLE #1 http://bit.ly/ddetomford\n\nAll Music:\nhttps://artlist.io\n\nBe the first to see our content! Our best is on it’s way. Get connected\n►Subscribe here: https://tinyurl.com/ddeyoutube\n\nLike us on Facebook: https://tinyurl.com/ddefacebook\n\nClick here if you want to learn more about Daily Driven Exotics: https://tinyurl.com/ddehome\n\nDaily Driven Exotics creates entertaining and informative Supercar content for the most demanding automotive enthusiasts!\n\nCheck out more DDE Videos: https://tinyurl.com/ddeyoutube”

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