CRISTIANO RONALDO to play SOCCER FULL EPISODES Cartoon for kids #realmadrid #messi #soccer

alguns momentos atrás postado através do canal do Youtbe: Miscellaneous video, um vídeo entitulado CRISTIANO RONALDO to play SOCCER FULL EPISODES Cartoon for kids #realmadrid #messi #soccer

Segundo o que foi informado através do link Miscellaneous video: fifa19 #follow #sport #sports #pogba #leomessi #manchesterunited
A clásico Real Madrid vs Futbol Club Barcelona is about to start!
CRISTIANO RONALDO vs LEO MESSI! that’s gonna be exciting!
Next day at school, they will try to play soccer football as good as they do!
But Pops will have an idea to make Groovy win! He has to transform into CRISTIANO RONALDO! But be careful Groovy everyone will think that you are him! That can be really dangerous! He has lots of fans!

Kids just love sugar: SURPRISE EGG & OREO are their favourites! But if we as fathers teach them to EAT HEALTHY in a funny way like watching EDUCATIONAL CARTOONS, they will be willing to try them with an SMILE!
Groovy The Martian will teach Phoebe to EAT VEGETABLES! To be a HEALTHY KID and have SUPER POWERS like POPEYE with SPINACH!
Phoebe hates vegetables but mostly BROCCOLI! It smells really bad! But Groovy will TEACH her how to EAT VEGETABLES because they are really HEALTHY and DELICIOUS! Even if they smells really bad!
#cristianoronaldo #premierleague #fifa #nike #neymarjr #love

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