Cristiano Ronaldo – Welcome BACK to Real Madrid…..?

Foi veiculado através do canal do youtube v3smonic o vídeo “Cristiano Ronaldo – Welcome BACK to Real Madrid…..?”.

Conforme publicado pelo canal v3smonic: “✓ Instagram:\n✓ Facebook:\n\nContent is both TRANSFORMATIVE and EDUCATIONAL in nature.\nContent is in compliance with Content Quality section of YPP Policies as the editing adds creative value which makes content unique.\n\nThanks for Watching !\n\nAll rights to: Serie A, UEFA, FIFATV, La liga and all the respective owners.\nMusic :\n\n\nI must state that in NO way, shape or form am I intending to infringe rights of the copyright holder. Content used is strictly for research/reviewing purposes and to help educate. All under the Fair Use law.”

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