Delivery of my New Lamborghini SVJ 63 Roadster 2020

Poucos minutos atrás foi publicado pelo canal do youtube Rana65556 o vídeo “Delivery of my New Lamborghini SVJ 63 Roadster 2020”.

Segundo divulgado pelo canal Rana65556: “My Lamborghini SVJ 63 Roadster 2020.\n\nHere is the delivery video of my brand New Lamborghini SVJ 63 Roadster. I choose the specification of my SVJ 63 Roadster last year at The Lamborghini Lounge, Pebble Beach, USA. Click on this link to watch the video of my trip to USA to spec my car.\n\nI love my SVJ coupe, I have driven nearly 9,000 miles in it since last year. My SVJ 63 Roadster will also not be a garage queen, I will be taking it on many driving trips across Europe. You can follow my adventures on all my social media channels.\n\nThanks to Lamborghini and HR Owen Lamborghini for allocating me the Lamborghini SVJ 63 Roadster, one of just 63 in the world, only a handful coming to the UK.\n\nSpecial thanks to Craig at Lamborghini Pangbourne for another superb delivery, and to Topaz Detailing for superb PPF and to Supercar Concierge for fitting the tracker.”

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