DRAG RACE – McLaren 620R vs Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder – REAL WORLD! w/ BOTB

Minutos atrás foi postado pelo canal do youtube Lovecars o vídeo “DRAG RACE – McLaren 620R vs Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder – REAL WORLD! w/ BOTB”.

Segundo informado pelo canal Lovecars: “Big thanks to BOTB for sponsoring this video. In case you haven’t heard of BOTB, they’re the Dream Car Competition company and have given away £34 million worth of cars to hundreds of winners! For one week only they’ve taken all of the usual cars out of their main Dream Car line-up and added 12 VERY special prizes which someone is guaranteed to win! \n\nChoose from six stunning Supercars or six firm favourites… with £100,000 cash in the boot! Tickets start from just £2.20 and all the prizes are worth between £165,000 and £225,000 depending on what you play for… and remember there is always a cash alternative to the prize! In addition to this, you could win a FURTHER £20,000 in cash for an extra 30p a ticket. \n\nThis ‘Super Summer Special’ is for ONE WEEK ONLY so make sure you get your tickets before this Sunday (2nd August)! \n\nEnter here 👉 https://bit.ly/BOTB-Supercar-Summer-Special 👈\n\nThe first in our new series of Real World Drag racing is an absolute belter featuring the Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder, the most track focused Huracan to roll out of Lamborghini’s Sant’agata factory. With it’s 640 horsepower and 0 to 62 mph in just 2.9 seconds, it’s up against another mid engined track weapon, the all new Mclaren 620R.\n\nAs the name suggests, it has 620 horsepower, but it’s over 100kg lighter than its Italian rival. McLaren claims an identical 2.9 second 0 to 62 time.\n\nSo will it be all wheel drive and more powerful Lamborghini, or the lighter, better power to weight McLaren, that wins the day?\n\nThanks as always to http://www.sccprivatemembers.com/ for all of their support and for starting each race! \n\nLots more on https://lovecars.com\n\nFollow the guys:\nTiff: https://instagram.com/tiff_needell\nPaul: https://instagram.com/pww\n\nIf you haven’t yet subscribed you can do so here: http://goo.gl/fmAbgP\n\nKeep up to date: \nFacebook: http://facebook.com/lovecars\nInstagram: http://instagram.com/lovecars\nTwitter: http://twitter.com/lovecars\nEmail: http://goo.gl/03VEeW”

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