Fiat अब क्या करे ? CARGURU Explains.

Pouco tempo atrás foi veiculado no canal do youtube Ask CarGuru o vídeo “Fiat अब क्या करे ? CARGURU Explains.”.

De acordo com o que foi divulgado pelo Ask CarGuru: “Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) will finally pull the plug on its Fiat brand in India. The company’s current product lineup includes Fiat Punto, Linea, Avventura \u0026 Abarth.\nFIAT sold 24000 vehicles in 2009 and registered an increase of 241% compared to the previous year sales which stood at 6,897 vehicles. They announced their plans to sell 130,000 cars annually in India by 2014. what happened now? #fiatquits #fiat #Fiatexit\n\nMore info on this topic \u0026 others, Please visit\n\n\nCARGURU Accessories of the week Purita Air Car Purifier \n \n\nMy Drone for Aerial views DJI Mavic Pro with Combo.\n\n\nMy Gear for Video Recording Canon 77D\n\n\nLens for My camera for best bokeh effect.\n\n\nMy MicroPhone for noise reduction.\n\n\nMy Recording Device Zoom H1\n\n\nMy Manfrotto MVH500A Pro Fluid Head \n\n\nMy Tripod Manfrotto\n\n\nMy Outdoor DJI Gimbal stabilizer with 4K camera\n\n\nNew Polarized Sunglasses which I am wearing are from EyewearLabs..!!\nLink To Buy Sunglasses:\n10% Off Use promo code: carguru10\n\nVideo Graphy By Dazzling Dreamz\n\nAmit Khare from Ask CARGURU Listed as India’s top 50 Influencer by EXHIBIT\nIndia’s Largest viewing \u0026 Subscribers based Hindi \u0026 Fastest Growing Indian Automobile Channel on Youtube.\nMost Consumer friendly YouTube Channel.”

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