FIFA 21 | Nice vs PSG Ligue 1 2020/21 | 1440p 60fps

Foi veiculado através do canal do youtube FIFA Gameplay o vídeo “FIFA 21 | Nice vs PSG Ligue 1 2020/21 | 1440p 60fps”.

Conforme veiculado pelo canal FIFA Gameplay: “PLAY FIFA 21 IN FIFA 19.\n\nThis video shows you FIFA 19 mod FIFA 21 full match and gameplay of OGC Nice vs Paris Saint-Germain F.C. in the Ligue 1 Uber Eats 2020/21 new update at the Allianz Riviera on PC by FIFA Gameplay. In the Legendary difficulty level with ultra graphic settings and Full HD 1440p at 60fps. Enjoy the video!\n\n———————————————–\nMake sure you subscribe this channel to see more videos like this and don’t forget to turn on the bell so you always get all the notifications. I will upload the next new videos everyday.\n\n► Click to Subscribe here:\n\n———————————————–\nFollow all FIFA Gameplay’s social media:\n► Instagram:\n► Facebook:\n► Twitter:\n► Tiktok:\n\n► The owner of this channel:\n\n———————————————–\nThanks for watching everyone.\n\nI hope you enjoyed the video and if you did, please always support this channel by hit the Like button, post your thoughts in the Comments below and Share this video to everywhere because all of this is free!\n\n———————————————–\nThis channel is entirely for the gameplays of FIFA game series. At last but not least, stay love football and i love you all!\n\n#fifa21 #fifa19 #fifa19mod”

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