Forza Horizon | Has The Lamborghini Aventador Gotten Faster?

A Pouco tempo foi postado no canal do youtube Forza Force o vídeo “Forza Horizon | Has The Lamborghini Aventador Gotten Faster?”.

Conforme publicado pelo canal Forza Force: “In this video i investigate if the Lamborghini Aventador, one of the most loved cars in Forza, has gotten faster throughout the Forza Horizon games. Has the Lamborghini Aventador become overpowered? or is it just right? Well i test the car in the 0-300 km/h-0 test to see if acceleration and braking has improved or not to support my hypothesis and test the top speed to see if the top end has increased. I hope that you guys enjoy this new video, i did one similar to this with the Bugatti Veyron.”

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