Hoje foi veiculado pelo canal Totally TV o vídeo “FRIENDSHIP (MUSIC VIDEO) MEET THE RAP POPS FROM THE SUPER POPS.”.

Conforme publicado pelo canal Totally TV: “The Super Pops Meet the Rap Pops? Now that Hoppy has quit being a bungler for good and turned nice, Majesty has decided to make her a pop, but not just any pop, a Rap Pop. That’s right there is a new Pop Group out there. Harmony heads off to Uptown School of the arts to try and meet the rest of her rap squad. Will she be able to activate her new Rap Pop ring by finding her new friends or will Siphony the villain have other plans and turn her back into a bungler before the new Rap Pops can help her? Plus, the Official Music Video Friendship Rap Song and Dance from the K-Pops, Pop Stars with Superpowers. Videos for Teens.\n\nSubscribe:\n\nWant to dress like a Super Pop?\nGet Super Pops Costumes on Amazon\n\nSuper Pops Top and Skirt Set\n\n\nSuper Pops Colored Wig\n\n\nSuper Pops Shiny Skirt\n\n\nLong Sleeve Shiny Top\n\n\nAll Original Super Pops Totally TV Series with Jenn Barlow as Majesty and Jess, Laura Elizabeth Hall as Chloe and Cosmic Pop, Olivia Cordell as Finley and Flash Pop, Adam Rodney as Cheshire and Chad, Gabby Shaikh as Gia and Glow Pop, Katie Davison as Celeste, Emmy Cuvelier as Hoppy, Siphony, Harmony and Halo Pop, Daniele Sappleton as Georgia and Gold Pop, Timanii Meeks as Callie and Coral Pop, Valentina Echeverri as Rosanna and Rosie Pop, with Allie McCarthy as Ms. Bungle the Teacher. \n\nRap Pops Original Song – “Friendship” by Alando Duncan\n\nMore Music Videos We Like:\n\[email protected] – Marshmello \u0026 Anne-Marie – FRIENDS (Music Video) *OFFICIAL FRIENDZONE ANTHEM*\n\n\[email protected] – MattyBRaps – Friend Zone (ft Gracie Haschak)\n\n\[email protected] – Ivey Meeks – Fake Friends (Music Video) | Ooh Ooh Remix (MattyBRaps)\n\n\[email protected] Zamolo – Best Friend Rap Battle Challenge! (Surprising Diss Track Reveals Secret Hacker w/ Hacks and Tricks)\n\n\n#superpops #totallytv #rappops\n\nOur Playlists: \n\nThe Super Pops Season 1 from Totally TV\n\n \nThe Super Pops Season 2 from Totally TV\n\n \nThe Super Pops Season 3 from Totally TV\n\n \nThe Super Pops Season 4 from Totally TV\n\n\nTotally TV Channel \n”

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