GTA V – Volkswagen T6 Unmarked Police | Logitech G29 🔥 Ray Tracing mod !

Hoje foi divulgado no canal do youtube GTA V Modifications o vídeo “GTA V – Volkswagen T6 Unmarked Police | Logitech G29 🔥 Ray Tracing mod !”.

Conforme divulgado pelo canal GTA V Modifications: “Hi, this is mix M.V.G.A \u0026 REDUX \u0026 Reshade Modifications + Ray Tracing Mod _ RTX ON Grand Theft Auto Mod with Logitech G29 Wheel ; ) I hope You enjoy it.\n\n\nThis is not my modification. I’m not creator – I only recorded a movie with this modification. This video is PRESENTATION. Author is below with link to download mod ; ) \nIf author of mod don’t wont these video – please write comment – I will delete movie. \n\n\nMod:\nCreated by: SerqueMods\nTitle: Volkswagen T6 Unmarked Police\nDownload:\nBIG LIKE for author !\n\nMy other channels:\n(3K subs) GTA San Andreas Modifications:\n(43K subs) GTA World Modifications:\n(32K subs) VDRIVE:\n\n#GTAV\n#Modifications\n#MOD\n#RTX\n#REDUX\n#MVGA\n\nThis video is REVIEW/PRESENTATION – a formal assessment of something and have a educational content for all people who decited download modification.\nAll reviews are completed by an actual person (not a “bot” or algorithm). I am working on ways to improve the channel.”

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