H&K PSG-1: The Ultimate German Sniper Rifle

Hoje foi veiculado através do canal Forgotten Weapons o vídeo “H&K PSG-1: The Ultimate German Sniper Rifle”.

Conforme o canal Forgotten Weapons: “Developed in the 1980s, the H\u0026K PSG-1 is one of the most iconic sniper rifles in popular culture, with a reputation for unmatched accuracy. It is, in fact, an excellent rifle, and today we will look at why.\n\nThe PSG-1 was introduced in the 1980s and based on the German G3 rifle action. Onto this base, a heavy barrel was added, and stiffening bars welded to the sides of the receiver. A Hensoldt 6x42mm scope was added, with proprietary mounting points welded to the receiver. An adjustable buttstock was added (common today, but much more innovative at the time) allowing the shooter to change the comb height and length of pull. An excellent 3lb crisp trigger replaced the standard heavy and mushy G3 trigger. A forward assist was installed to allow for quiet closing of the bolt, and the extractor and locking rollers were redesigned.\n\nAll of these changed made for a very accurate and very expensive rifle, and one which would find its way into popular culture as one of the ultimate sniper rifles ever made. Perhaps surprisingly, it does actually live up to much of this hype, and is legitimately an excellent rifle – although intended more for police use than military.\n\nhttp://www.patreon.com/ForgottenWeapons\n\nCool Forgotten Weapons merch! http://shop.bbtv.com/collections/forgotten-weapons\n\nIf you enjoy Forgotten Weapons, check out its sister channel, InRangeTV! http://www.youtube.com/InRangeTVShow”

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