Just how GOOD was Roberto Carlos Actually?

Hoje foi postado através do canal do youtube Daily Dose Of Football o vídeo “Just how GOOD was Roberto Carlos Actually?”.

Segundo divulgado pelo canal Daily Dose Of Football: “COMMENT BELOW WHAT PLAYER I SHOULD DO NEXT.\n\nJust how GOOD was Roberto Carlos Actually?\n\nThird episode of a documentary series where I plan to present all the greatest players of all time and then give them a score so a ranking of the best players can be created. In this episode we take on Roberto Carlos, but how does he stack up among the greatest of all time.\nRoberto Carlos is one of the most respected players of all time achieving unbelievable heights despite playing in a often disrespected role, but how good was he actually? \n\nLeave a like if you remember any of these iconic moments\nThanks to all of you and stay safe\nSUBSCRIBE IF YOU LOVE FOOTBALL”

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