Lamborghini Delivery Day!!! *Poster Car*

Foi divulgado no canal LiFE o vídeo “Lamborghini Delivery Day!!! *Poster Car*”.

Conforme informado pelo canal LiFE: “Two years ago Ferrari started my journey with exotic cars when I set a goal to obtain one before I was 35. I beat the goal by one year. Fast forward to now and I’ve also tried out McLaren and now, Lamborghini. When I was a kid I had a bunk bed, why, I still don’t know, lol. It was cool to have a bunk bed back then I guess, I didn’t even share my room with anyone lol. In any case, I vividly remember a poster of a black Lamborghini Countach hanging on my wall on the lower bunk. When I would wake up, it would be the first thing I saw in the morning. Who knew…\n\nThe Lamborghini brand has always been the more \”rockstar\” of the marques in comparison to the \”classy\” Ferraris and \”technology packed\” McLarens. I will say this, it has everything I want in an exotic car. The drama, the looks, the handling and power. The 5.2L Naturally Aspirated V10 sings to you in a primal way that connects you to the car, while taunting you to do bad things. You only want more of it and when you come to a stoplight, you sit and smell the distinct Italian leather and take in the HUGE side intakes via the side mirrors. It’s a theatrical car and I can’t get enough of it! \n\nAnything in LiFE is possible if you work hard enough for it. I urge all my viewers to push themselves every day to prove the haters wrong, and embrace the hustle! It’s not \”if\” you get there, it’s \”when\”! \n\nI hope you enjoy the video and if you like the other content on the channel, smash that subscribe button and buckle up! Thanks! -Adam\n\nLinks:\nLiFE on YouTube –\nLiFE on Facebook –\nLiFE with Adam on Instagram @LiFE_withadam\nLiFE with Andrew on Instagram @LiFE_withandrew\nLiFE with Joe on Instagram @LiFE_with1joe”

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