Mercedes Schlapp says debates will be a contrast between Biden and Trump records

A Pouco tempo foi publicado através do canal do youtube Trump War Room o vídeo “Mercedes Schlapp says debates will be a contrast between Biden and Trump records”.

Confomre informação divulgada pelo canal Trump War Room: “At tonight’s debate, \”the game plan is to…unravel, unveil Joe Biden’s attachment to the far left, how he has committed to Bernie Sanders’s Unity Agenda,” says Mercedes Schlapp.\n\n“President Trump has committed to bringing jobs back to the United States.” #Debates2020\n********\n\nThe Trump War Room is managed by the #TeamTrump 2020 campaign and is dedicated to highlighting President Trump’s accomplishments and #PromiseMadePromiseKept! #MAGA #KeepAmericaGreat \n \nThat’s not all though. The Trump War Room also fights back against the #FakeNews and highlights the outrageous socialist policies Democrats are pushing.\n \nFollow the Trump War Room’s other social media accounts for the latest updates on the media’s partisan attacks and President Trump’s winning, America-First Agenda. \n \nTrump War Room on Twitter:\nTrump War Room on Instagram:\n \nMake sure you’re ready for the 2020 election by getting the latest Team Trump swag here:\n \nFor the latest updates on President Trump’s re-election campaign, you can also follow these accounts: \n \nPresident Donald Trump on Facebook:\nPresident Donald Trump on Snapchat:\nTeam Trump on Facebook:\nTeam Trump on Twitter:\nEquipo Trump on Twitter: \nTeam Trump on Instagram:\nWomen for Trump on Facebook:\nWomen for Trump on Instagram: \n \nLatinos for Trump on Facebook:\nLatinos for Trump on Instagram: \n\nBlack Voices for Trump on Facebook:\nBlack Voices for Trump on Instagram:\nBlack Voices for Trump on Twitter:\nEvangelicals for Trump on Facebook: \nEvangelicals for Trump on Instagram: \nVeterans for Trump on Facebook:\nVeterans for trump on Instagram:”

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