Most famous Lamborghini ever? The Italian Job Lamborghini Miura | Tyrrell s Classic Workshop

Hoje foi publicado através do canal do youtube Tyrrell’s Classic Workshop o vídeo “Most famous Lamborghini ever? The Italian Job Lamborghini Miura | Tyrrell’s Classic Workshop”.

Segundo veiculado pelo canal Tyrrell’s Classic Workshop: “In a very special episode of Tyrrell’s Classic Workshop, Iain looks back on a career highlight with one of the World’s most famous cars, the Lamborghini Miura from the opening sequence of the Italian Job movie! Having gone to great lengths to establish the authenticity of the vehicle, it was brought to Iain’s workshop for a tune-up. And that could have been the end of the story… but it wasn’t; you’ll just have to watch to discover what happened next!\n\nIain’s recording of Matt Monro’s iconic track, \”On Days Like These\”, is available to stream or purchase on various sites now including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Deezer. A huge thanks to legendary guitarist/composer/music producer Steve Wright for collaborating with Iain on this. All of Iain and Steve’s royalties from any sales will be donated to charity.\n\n\n\nBuy on iTunes –\nBuy on Amazon –\nStream on Spotify –\n\nThank you once again to everyone for the overwhelming reception of these videos and for all the support of likes, subscribes and wonderful comments. \n\nChapters:\n00:00 – Introduction\n03:11 – Miura tuning in the workshop\n06:24 – Miura revisiting The Alps\n8:05 – Interview with Marcello Gandini\n15:19 – Outro\n\nThis video was brought to you by Aston Lark –\nIn association with A House of Cars –\nEdited by Whipp3dCream –\n\nLooking to buy a Lamborghini Countach? Check out Iain’s guide to everything you need to know with Supercars Monaco –\n\nFollow Iain on Instagram:\nFollow Iain on Facebook:”

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