New Fiat 500 | Evolution of Fiat – Happy birthday 500!

Pouco tempo atrás foi veiculado através do canal Fiat o vídeo “New Fiat 500 | Evolution of Fiat – Happy birthday 500!”.

Segundo divulgado pelo canal Fiat: “All things around us change, and we do the same. \nThat’s what we call evolution.\n\nIn 1957 we created an icon: back then, people needed the power to move across the world and see a different future.\n\nNowadays, it’s the world who is in need of a different future. \nSo, we evolved once again and introduced a Hybrid 500. Today, we are living another evolution and it’s all electric. \n\nBecause this time, Mother Nature needs us even more. \nAnd we are more than ready to go all in. \n \nThis is our choice for the world: make yours. \nThe cabrio version of the new, all electric Fiat 500 «la Prima» is now available to order”

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