News24 – Fans mock Neymar for his top-four prediction on Liverpool

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News24 – Fans mock Neymar for his top-four prediction on Liverpool
Liverpool fans have laughed at Neymar’s Premier League top-four predictions after the Paris Saint-Germain star left out the Reds in favour of their fierce rivals Manchester United.Jurgen Klopp’s side went on to enjoy their best-ever season in the Premier League after they finished just a point behind champions Manchester City with a staggering 97 points.The Reds lost just once during the 38-game campaign and pushed a dominant City all the way to the end in a thrilling title race. It meant that Liverpool secured Champions League football for next season after comfortably finishing in second place.However, following the final results of the season, some Liverpool fans have remembered the Brazilian’s quotes and have laughed at his incorrect prediction that the Reds would struggle in the Premier League.The 27-year-old was asked who he’d thought would win the league back in September, and while he was slightly misguided when it came to the Reds, Neymar did manage to get the rest of the top four correct.He told the Express: ‘Who will in it? Woah, that’s difficult. It’s very hard, it’s very difficult, but Manchester City will win it. ‘Second will be United, third is Chelsea. Fourth is Tottenham.’One fan laughed at the prediction on Twitter while another Liverpool supporter called the Brazil international ‘irrelevant’ for the past two months.They said: ‘Funny, just thinking back earlier in the season when Neymar said Liverpool wouldn’t finish top 4 this season. He said it would be 1) City 2) United 3) Chelsea 4) Spurs… Hey @neymarjr, where you been man? You’ve been irrelevant in world football for about 2 months now.’

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