Police Pull Over 28+ Lamborghini s | SUPERCARS INDIA | Nov 2019

A Pouco tempo foi postado pelo canal Vipin Maben o vídeo “Police Pull Over 28+ Lamborghini’s | SUPERCARS INDIA | Nov 2019”.

Segundo veiculado pelo canal Vipin Maben: “Hey Car Guys, Hit Like \u0026 Subscribe ✔\n\nHit The Bell Icon ((🔔)) To Join The Notification Squad💪\n\nSupercars Spotted in November 2019 Compilation video Part 2 :\nThis month we witnessed 2 Successful events, Boit Club Drive \u0026 Lamborghini Giro India 2019.\n\nAlso, if you’re wondering why Police Pulled over the Lambo’s ?\nThe Cars were on the way to Ooty from Bangalore, at Attibele Toll Booth (near Hosur) about 20 Police Personnel Pulled the Barricades, the Documents were checked. Apparently 3 Lamborghinis were fined for not having Road Tax Papers. \nEnjoy the rest of video.\n\nMy Camera Gear : https://amzn.to/2ZspkpS\n\nMy Social Media Links :\nSubscribe : www.youtube.com/vipinmaben\nInstagram : instagram.com/vipinmaben \nFacebook : www.facebook.com/VipinMPhotog\n\nThanks for watching!\n\n#Lamborghini #Police #India”

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