PUBG X BINOD !!! | Effect of PUBG on BINOD | BBB Team…

Minutos atrás foi publicado pelo canal Bread Butter Bizzare o vídeo “PUBG X BINOD !!! | Effect of PUBG on BINOD | BBB Team…”.

Segundo veiculado pelo canal Bread Butter Bizzare: “New video PUBG X BINOD !!! | Effect of PUBG on BINOD uploaded.\n\n\nHope you are having an amazing time with yourself.\nIf this pandemic has tickled the boredom out of you, then you must not miss this amazing video\n\nThe video is basically on PUBG BAN in India and The journey to find the guy who wears Underwear named BINOD…\n\nThis promises you that you may actually break your godi laughing at the hilarious hunt.\n\nDo watch this till the end and as you make it till the end, you will share the laughter with your dear friends and family.\n\nPerformed by:-\nRohan \nSubham \nRishav \nArnab S\nSaraj\nSandip\nRavi\n\nCreated by\nShyama\n\nHope you all like this video\nIf you!! then do like, share, comment and subscribe our channel, also hit the Bell icon to get notified for next videos…\n\nDon’t forget to follow us on \n\nFacebook @\n\nInstagram @\n\n#Binod_mil_gaya #PUBG_ban_in_india #Trending”

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