Sunflower feat Vicky Cosmo – Versão de “Girassol” de Whindersson Nunes

Pouco tempo atrás foi postado no canal William Cosmo o vídeo “Sunflower feat Vicky Cosmo – Versão de “Girassol” de Whindersson Nunes”.

Segundo informado pelo canal William Cosmo: “If life was as easy as we always hope\nAnd if we could know what the future holds\nI’d enjoy every sip of my cup of joe \nLaughing with my friends for the whole afternoon \n\nI would look at the birds as I never did\nAnd save one last hug for all those I’ve lost\nI would say I love you to whom I forgot\nCause maybe its what I was really called for\n\nI want to be healed and help to end the pain\nI want to be better than I’ll ever be\nHelp myself and do whatever I can\nBe righteous and patient as Jesus is \n\nI wanna give the right value to the sun\nI will be worthy to him who carries me on\nForever as a sunflower Ill remain\nAway from darkness and facing the Sun”

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