Hoje foi publicado através do canal do youtube Top List o vídeo “Top 10 Chefs in India”. Conforme publicado pelo canal Top List: “If you are a food lover, then you might be well aware of some of the best Indian chefs in the food industry who have really inspired …”Continue Reading

Foi divulgado pelo canal archerytv o vídeo “Turkey v India – compound women team bronze | Den Bosch 2019 Hyundai World Championships”. De acordo com o que foi publicado pelo archerytv: “Compound women's team bronze medal match between Yesim Bostan, Ipek Tomruk and Gizem Elmaagacli of Turkey and Jyothi …” ConfiraContinue Reading

Hoje foi divulgado pelo canal do youtube deutschewelleenglish o vídeo “India extends lockdown +++ Bolsonaro rallies supporters in Brazil | Coronavirus Update”. Segundo informado pelo canal deutschewelleenglish: “Brazil now has the fourth-largest coronavirus outbreak in the world, surpassing former hotspots Spain and Italy in total …” Confira o vídeo logoContinue Reading