THAT S WHAT MESSI DID when he found out that BARCELONA doesn t want to let him go!

A Alguns minutos foi divulgado no canal do youtube Football News o vídeo “THAT’S WHAT MESSI DID when he found out that BARCELONA doesn’t want to let him go!”.

Conforme o canal Football News: “For job applications –\n\nWill Lionel Messi sue Barcelona, a father of an Argentinian made the decision against his son, the Catalan police accuses Bartomeu in corruption!\n\nMessi’s war against Barcelona doesn’t stop and it seems like an Argentinian can go against his father! Today, we’re going to tell you what’s going on at Camp Nou. Subscribe to know everything!\n\nGuys, League of Nations is back on your screens! What do you think, who will win the tournament? Write your thoughts in the comments!\n\nAlso don’t forget to like this video! It’s a hot one today!\n\n#messi #barcelona #manchestercity”

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