The Crew 2 – Chevrolet Impala LowRider w/ Hydraulics Gameplay

Pouco tempo atrás foi divulgado no canal do youtube IsuckAtDriving o vídeo “The Crew 2 – Chevrolet Impala LowRider w/ Hydraulics Gameplay”.

Segundo o canal IsuckAtDriving: “The Chevrolet Impala Lowrider Naranja Edicion is now available in The Crew 2 with Hydraulic Suspension as part of the LA Low Riders Update. Showcasing some hydraulics gameplay and it’s fully upgraded LV280 Fully Upgraded Gameplay. Because it has hydraulics, it’s suspension is really spongy and its bad for racing.\nPlayed with keyboard\n\nJoin the ISAD discord channel!\n\nFollow me on Twitch \u0026 Twitter!\n\n\n\nDrivers:\n\n\n\n\nTimeline:\n0:06 – Chevrolet Impala LowRider Naranja Edicion\n0:43 – Vanity Customization\n1:12 – LV280 Performance \u0026 Stats???\n1:43 – Freeroam + Hydraulics Gameplay\n3:50 – L.A East Street Race\n\n#TheCrew2 #ISAD #ChevroletImpalaLowRider”

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