The Real Truth About Top Chef Has Come To Light

Minutos atrás foi veiculado no canal Mashed o vídeo “The Real Truth About Top Chef Has Come To Light”.

De acordo com o que foi veiculado pelo canal Mashed: “After many successful seasons, Top Chef is arguably one of the biggest, most enduring shows to ever air on the Bravo channel, but prepare to be surprised and enlightened by what you may not know about this Emmy-winning series. This is the untold truth of Top Chef.

The second season of Top Chef can lay claim to what is arguably the weirdest incident to ever take place on the show. After a competition, some of the contestants got drunk and decided to shave the head of a competitor, Marcel Vigneron, very much against his will. What was apparently meant to be a tipsy prank, however, escalated to something far more egregious. As one producer wrote, it was, quote, “a strange and uncomfortable situation for everybody.”

As a result of the incident, one of the culprits, Cliff Crooks, became the first and only contestant ever disqualified from Top Chef. Judge and executive producer Tom Colicchio addressed the bizarre situation in a blog post, writing:

“In a flash I understood how frat pranks can morph into ugly acts of hazing, or how a rowdy bachelor party can become the scene of a crime…Bravo’s Legal department advised us of the Top Chef rules, which stated that harming or threatening to harm other contestants was potential grounds for disqualification. According to these guidelines, it was clear that Cliff needed to go.”

Watch the video for more about the real truth about Top Chef has come to light!

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The one disqualification | 0:17
Padma’s calorie consumption | 1:25
Big bucks on groceries | 2:25
What about the unused food? | 3:20
Two of every dish | 4:17
Top Chef’s original host | 5:04
Time limits are real | 6:04
Contestants are “quarantined” | 7:01
Top Chef’s online cooking school | 7:52
Top Chef has a video game | 9:01
Contestants undergo a psychiatric evaluation | 9:57
Cooking isn’t so important | 11:06

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