Top 3 Cristiano Ronaldo s Rules of success | Cristiano Ronaldo Motivation

Foi divulgado no canal Vedant Wadhwa o vídeo “Top 3 Cristiano Ronaldo’s Rules of success | Cristiano Ronaldo Motivation”.

Segundo informado pelo canal Vedant Wadhwa: “Cristiano Ronaldo,one of the greatest athelete of all time.He is just like a machine.\nHe has done everything in his career from ballin d’or to champions league.He has achive greatness in the world of football.\nHe has also developed an unbelievable physique which has been admired and talked about in the whole world.\n\nIn this video we have broken down the core values which has helped Cristiano the greatest and how can you develop them in yourself.\n\nTime stamp for the video-\nIntro- 0:00-0:55\nQuality 1- 0:56-3:30\nQuality 2- 3:31-5:58\nQuality 3- 5:59-8:50\n\nFollow me on Instagram for more valuable content\n\n\nMotivational video(Change)\n\n\n\nMotivational video(Build yourself)\n\n\nCredits to all the videos that I used\nVideo 1(From Teo CRi)\n\n\nVideo 2(From ReNo9Prod)\n\n\nVideo 3(From Ashstudio7)\n\u0026t=1s\n\nVideo 4(From Magicalmessi)\n\n\nVideo 5(From N7sportsvideo)\n\n\nVideo 6(From Ashstudio7)\n\u0026t=4s\n\nVideo 7(From Amazing football skills)\n\u0026t=4s\n\nVideo 8(From Unisport)\n”

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