Hoje foi veiculado no canal do youtube Famoussosick o vídeo “TRABASS TOP CHEF & ACKEE PIZZA”.

Conforme divulgado pelo canal Famoussosick: “MERCH / SHOP FAMOUSSOSICK :\n\nSubscribe to my girlfriend’s channel –\n\nSubscribe for more vlogs from FamousSosick\n\nFollow and Keep up With FamousSosick On:\nInstagram :\nFacebook :\n\n\nAntony Sewell Bio :\nAntony Sewell, also known as \”FamousSosick\”, is probably one of the best and most humble international /Caribbean entertainers you’ll ever come across on any social media site. Starting his career shortly after the passing of his mother, acting was something Antony found comfort in and it became something he was extremely good at. Making videos for facebook and youtube became a passion of his and down the line, meeting with Andrew Chambers (Trabass) is when Antony started to take comedy and acting seriously. Both entertainers have gained 600,000 subscribers here one youtube and millions of views on both instagram and youtube itself. Antony’s goal is to be known worldwide for all his skills, talent and accomplishments and by the look of things, he is on the right track.”

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