UEFA Champions League Theme (Acapella Cover by Glen)

Hoje, a poucos instantes atrás foi publicado através do link do Youtbe: Glen Saldanha, o vídeo UEFA Champions League Theme (Acapella Cover by Glen)

Segundo o que foi divulgado através do link Glen Saldanha: JUST RELEASED my video for the ULTIMATE FOOTBALL FAN!

Every year, there is at least one day when a football fan hears the UEFA champions league anthem and they have a single teardrop moment. At that moment, it doesn’t matter which team you support. The whole world unites for the love of the game, football!
It is to honour that emotion, that I present to you, the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE THEME – Acapella style!

Have fun and enjoy the video
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Veja o vídeo abaixo:

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