Updating & Saving My Original 1980 Chevrolet Silverado BIG10 | Part 1 – Vice Grip Garage EP65

Minutos atrás foi veiculado através do canal do youtube Vice Grip Garage o vídeo “Updating & Saving My Original 1980 Chevrolet Silverado BIG10 | Part 1 – Vice Grip Garage EP65”.

Segundo veiculado pelo canal Vice Grip Garage: “#trending #chevy\nIt’s a beautiful 1980 Chevrolet Silverado BIG10 in Carmine Red. For a northern truck, it’s surprisingly not full of rust holes and rot. Originally from Michigan, the truck spent most of it’s life pampered in Florida, from a owner in Minnesota. A guy’s gotta get this thing cleaned up, polished, and updated if I’m considering selling it to someone who can actually use it and enjoy it. Mozzle bring you along for the ride I suppose. On the list is painting the wheels, oxidized paint correction \u0026 paint polishing, interior work, door panels, bed rails, engine compartment detailing and more! Subscribe for Part 2!\n\nSAVE15% and FREE SHIPPING on Sprayway products by using code VICEGRIP at www.spraywayautomotive.com!\n\n*Vice Grip Garage does NOT receive proceeds from sales. I’m just passing great savings on to my loyal viewers.\n\nLinks to products used in this video:\nGlass Cleaner\nhttps://spraywayautomotive.com/product/sprayway-glass-cleaner-sw-050/\nTire Shine\nhttps://spraywayautomotive.com/product/sprayway-auto-tire-shine-high-gloss/\n\nTO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT:\nHave you checked out memberships? Great additional content and behind the scenes!\nwww.youtube.com/c/vicegripgarage/join\n\nFIND MERCHANDISE HERE:\nwww.vicegripgarage.com\n\nTO FOLLOW AND SEE WHAT WE’RE UP TO:\nwww.facebook.com/vicegripgarage\nwww.instagram.com/vicegripgarage\nemail [email protected]\n\nSEND ME JUNK:\nPO Box 48837\nMinneapolis, MN, \n55448\n#chevrolet #big10 #vgg”

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