Vocal Coach Reacts A Million Dreams COVERED by Angelica Hale on International Youth Day

Pouco tempo atrás foi veiculado no canal Karaoketutor AGT Celine’s Father – Vocal Coach o vídeo “Vocal Coach Reacts A Million Dreams COVERED by Angelica Hale on International Youth Day”.

Segundo veiculado pelo canal Karaoketutor AGT Celine’s Father – Vocal Coach: “#AngelicaHale #MillionDreams #InternationalYouthDay #celinetamfather #celinetam #onlinevocallesson #howtosingbetter #singandyou #freevocaltraining #vocaltrainingforbeginner #學唱歌 #聲樂課 #celinefather #stevetam #GailSophicha #CharlotteSummers #JeffreyLi #YouthinMotionOnlineCharityConcert #AliceLin\n\nIf you would like to support the world-class BC Children’s Hospital, please donate at http://bcchf.ca/youth-in-motion\n\nHello everyone! I’m sure you have watched the Youth in Motion Online Charity Concert! I just want to say that wherever you are, I want you to keep supporting the YAP (Young Ambassadors Program) and BC Children’s Hospital. If you can, please happily donate to them! Anyways that’s all! Byeee!\n\nOriginal link: https://youtu.be/8L-mLo0M6_w?t=5664\nIf you like it, subscribe D2D Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8L-mLo0M6_w\n\nWant to watch my song react on Celine’s Don’t You Worry ‘bout A Thing?\nor Jeffrey Li? or Charlotte Summers? or Gail Sophicha? or any other artist on Youth in Motion Online Charity Concert\nPlease Comment Down Below\n\nIf you would like to support the world-class BC Children’s Hospital, please donate at http://bcchf.ca/youth-in-motion\n \nWanna join AGT Celine’s Father, Vocal Coach Steve Tam’s Special Vocal Workshop?\n希望有機會參加AGT Celine爸爸-著名聲樂教練Steve Tam的特別流行曲精英班嗎?\nhttps://www.singandyou.com/specialvocalworkshop\n\nlearn to sing online – Whether you are in Hong Kong, the Mainland or overseas, and stay at home, you can now enjoy AGT Celine Tam’s Father Vocal Coach, Steve Tam’s online singing lessons. \nCeline Daddy Steve Tam 譚芷昀爸爸(唱歌老師)在線學唱歌 無論你在香港,內地或海外,安在家中,現在可以享受Celine 爸爸的唱歌教學\n\nBook an Online Vocal Class by Steve Tam\nhttps://www.singandyou.com/book-a-trial-class\nWhatapps +852 96981248\nWechat: singandyoumusic\n\nAdvance Tailor-Make Singing Course (Online/Classroom) \n高級定制課程(在線/教室)歌唱課\nhttps://www.singandyou.com/plans-pricing\n\nOnline Singing Class Video For Reference:\n在線唱歌課視頻供參考::\nhttps://youtu.be/1gLTLfXjLHo \n\nCommercial \u0026 Oversea Business Partnership:\nDr. Steve Master Class in Your City or in Your Company\n商業和海外商業夥伴關係:\nSteve Tam在您所在城市或公司的大師班\nhttps://www.singandyou.com/copy-of-masterclass-in-vocal-traini\n\nSupport Us, Please Go to Patreon \n支持我們請前往Patreon\nhttps://www.patreon.com/vocalcoachstevetam\n\nSome of the Best Students trained by Dr. Steve (AGT Celine TAM’s Father)\n1. Bring Me To Life COVERED by SAYMusic Joanna https://youtu.be/JM9hD1ZfUr8\n2. 天亮了 COVERED by SAYMusic Cherry https://youtu.be/UTrzr504N-8\n3. Original Song – Forever Love COVERED by SAYMUsic Farrah https://youtu.be/CQ3oMdfb4mE\n4. How Am I Suppose To Live Without You COVERED by SAYMusic Ysabel https://youtu.be/Q2E2W_AQ5d8\n5. 白金升降機 COVERED by SAYMusic Charlotte https://youtu.be/lqGrPAy15qc\n6. She Used To Be Mine COVERED by SAYMusic Kathyhttps://youtu.be/29lTt1vXY50\nIf you like it, please like, share, subscribe and set notification Sing and You Channel\nOver 280 Students Singing Music Videos https://www.youtube.com/user/singandyou\n\nKids Singing and Music Video on Social Media:\nYouTube- https://www.youtube.com/user/singandyou\nInstagram- https://www.instagram.com/vocalcoach_karaoketutor/\nFacebook- https://www.facebook.com/singandyou/?…\nTwitter- https://twitter.com/singandyou\nSnapchat = @singandyouTV\nyouku: http://i.youku.com/u/UNTQzOTE2MTY0?sp…\nweibo: http://weibo.com/u/5537288678?refer_f…\nTwitter: https://twitter.com/search?q=sing%20a…\nwechat: singandyoumusic\n\nSteve Tam Duet \u0026 Solo Singing Music Video list:\n1. A Million Dreams (Duet) https://youtu.be/8i7eVbRpmIg\n2. A Million Dreams (Solo) https://youtu.be/eNgcDb2jBSI\n3. Fight Song (Duet) https://youtu.be/8Z6gB_CjqnE\n4. Never Enough (Duet) https://youtu.be/vDR1aPOKOZw\n5. 愛如潮水 Love is like a Tide (Duet) https://youtu.be/fv_P8oHRBB8\n6. Ed Sheeran \”Perfect\” (Duet) https://youtu.be/U6BPStQ1j6o\n7. Westlife – Better Man (Duet) https://youtu.be/Jy2H_Ab_qDQ\n8. Westlife – Better Man (Solo) https://youtu.be/DCBHuaJaPHI\n9. Fight Song (Solo) https://youtu.be/lC40hEmDPwg\n10. A Whole New World (Solo) https://youtu.be/l3C6-kuLXJk\n11. A Whole New World (Duet) https://youtu.be/ZPC7nqcONDc\n12. 夢醒時分 (Solo) https://youtu.be/QRigxB6ZlY0\n13. Always Remember Us This Way (Duet) https://youtu.be/nqRjMXPFo04\n14. Let It Be The Beatles (Duet) https://youtu.be/GLc0QROzjaM\n15. 夢醒時分 (Duet) https://youtu.be/D2lfoZtjuak\n16. Speechless (Duet) https://youtu.be/PgfNwzhTsJY\n17. Always Remember Us This Way (Solo ) https://youtu.be/F1odOtsuML8\n18. Even Now (Duet) https://youtu.be/4X9c5CjN7cE\n\nhttps://www.singandyou.com/book-a-trial-class\nGlobal Whatapps+852 96981248\nwechat: singandyoumusic\nExisting Students from China, Hong Kong, United States, England, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada…..\n\nIf you would like to support the world-class BC Children’s Hospital, please donate at http://bcchf.ca/youth-in-motion”

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