Will Smith begs PSG star Neymar to celebrate his next goal with a special heart sign

A poucos minutos foi publicado no link do Youtbe: Rao Balay Rao Balay, um vídeo entitulado Will Smith begs PSG star Neymar to celebrate his next goal with a special heart sign

Conforme o que foi divulgado pelo link Rao Balay Rao Balay: HOLLYWOOD actor Will Smith has begged Neymar to celebrate his next goal with a special heart sign.
The Men in Black star met up with the Brazil and PSG superstar last Wednesday in Paris during his press trip for new film Aladdin.
Smith, 50, says he and star-struck Neymar, 27, have tried to meet each other for the past decade but it had never materialised and there had been “four or five near-misses”.
However, during their recent chat in a hotel room, SunSport can reveal Smith badgered the world’s costliest footballer to celebrate in a unique style by banging his heart with his fist.
Smith said: “So, for your next goal…there’s a thing that I saw in India.
“A guy did this (bangs his chest). You say ‘hey!’ and he would do that. So I started doing that myself. I picked it up and it was a really nice thing.
“So on a goal, if you get a good one, you can do that, and I’ll know it’s for me. ‘All my heart, Big Will!’”
In return, Smith jokes he might perform one of Neymar’s goal routines at the next Oscars ceremony.
Watching footage of a Neymar goal for PSG where he stretches out his arms, Smith noted: “That’s the superhero look. The action hero face. What else would you expect? I like that!”
The pair discussed their love of basketball with Neymar revealing he supports Golden State Warriors and is a big fan of Draymond Green.
Speaking in a new OTRO interview, Smith said: “One of the greatest experiences of my life was when the Philadelphia 76ers, my hometown basketball team, was up for sale and I was asked to be part of the group that purchased them.
“Two years ago I became their part-owner. I remember the first time walking into the arena and the fans knew that I was an owner. Nothing beats that! I love basketball.”
Neymar has scored three times in five appearances since returning from a long-term foot injury on April 21.
He says before each match he has to spend time in the gym to ensure his body doesn’t break down again.
Neymar said: “We have to do some preparations before, to try to avoid injuries, going to the gym before the game with my physical trainer. This helps a lot in order to prevent injuries.”
The full interview is now available on OTRO, Neymar’s original content partner, with a short teaser also available on neymarjr10.com (the special website created his 10-year career)

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