A Pouco tempo foi postado no canal Savage Garage o vídeo “WORLD’S LARGEST LAMBORGHINI SVJ RALLY TAKES ON MIAMI! + Bugatti Chiron, McLaren Senna, & More!”.

Conforme divulgado pelo canal Savage Garage: “WELCOME TO SAVAGE GARAGE MIAMI TAKEOVER! In this episode, we head to Lamborghini Broward to take part in a supercar rally which might as well have been an Aventador SVJ rally, as we’ve NEVER seen so many in one place!\n\nAlso can’t knock the fact that we rallied with a McLaren Senna, Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Diablo, and every version of a Lamborghini Huracan you can think of. It was absolutely insane! \n\nOnly more to come in the following months! SUBSCRIBE FOR SAVAGE MIAMI!\n\nThanks for watching subscribe if you haven’t already!\n\nCheck out some of our other great videos!\n\nRUNNING FROM POLICE IN A ROLLS ROYCE! *you wouldn’t believe how we got away*\n\n\nCROOKED CAROLINA COPS WRONGFULLY TICKET SUPERCAR OWNERS! \u0026 FERRARI OWNER TALKS HIS WAY OUT!!\n\n\nOUR ALL TIME BEST COP MOMENTS! CORRUPT KENTUCKY COPS, SUPERCAR OWNERS VS POLICE, \u0026 MORE!\n\n\nMARYLAND STATE POLICE AGREE TO HELP SUPERCAR RALLY AS LONG AS THEY AREN’T FILMED! *NO EXPLANATION*\n\n\nROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM KEEPS UP W/ LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR SVJ! *Nearly Tipped Over Doing So*\n\n\n20+ SUPERCARS RUN FROM VIRGINIA STATE POLICE PULLOVER! There’s Only 1 Cop…What Can He Do?\n\n\nTHE MCLAREN 720S IS BACK! (so we immediately took it on a supercar rally) \u0026 Why It Disappeared…\n\n\nBuying 2 NEW LAMBORGHINIS SAME DAY! (And YOU can drive them!!!)\n\n\nThe Koenigsegg CCX Gets BIGGER Superchargers For 1200HP! \u0026 What It’s Like Servicing A Hypercar!\n\n\nRandy Takes Delivery Of His FIRST HYPERCAR! The Koenigsegg CCX *800HP TWIN SUPERCHARGED V8*\n\n\nA CLOSER LOOK At Randy’s New Koenigsegg CCX! The “Quirks And Features” of a HYPERCAR\n\n\nSTEALING OUR FRIEND’S BUGATTI CHIRON! (Yes, really lol) *1600HP QUAD TURBO SUPERCAR*\n\n\nBEST COP MOMENTS OF GOLD RUSH RALLY 2019! Supercar Owners VS. Police, Cop vs Cop, Alex Choi, \u0026 MORE!\n\n \nOUR ALL TIME BEST COP MOMENTS ON ACE SPADES RALLY! | COPS VS. SUPERCAR OWNERS COMPILATION\n\n\nRETRIEVING OUR “STOLEN” FERRARI! *UPDATE* MARYLAND COPS TICKET AND IMPOUND FERRARI!\n\n\nCORRUPT OLD MAN FAKES GETTING HIT BY OUR MCLAREN 720S! *MASSIVE ARGUMENT W/ POLICE*\n\n\nTHESE 2 COPS GET YELLED AT BY *ANOTHER* COP FOR REVVING OUR LAMBORGHINI SVJ!\n\n\nCORRUPT KENTUCKY COPS ILLEGALLY TICKET SUPERCAR OWNERS!! FT. DAILY DRIVEN EXOTICS\n\n\nNJ POLICE ILLEGALLY TICKET AND BULLY LAMBO OWNER!!\n\n\nMESSING WITH THE LOCAL COPS W/ DAILY DRIVEN EXOTICS!!\n\n\nLOCAL KENTUCKY COP ASKS US TO RACE!! FT. DAILY DRIVEN EXOTICS\n\n\nOn this channel you’ll see many familiar faces (some of which are in this video) from the automotive youtube space and industry. People like Brooks from DragTimes, shmee150, the stradman, tj hunt, Houston from Royalty Exotic Cars, Mike or Street Speed 717, Edmond Mondi, and many more!\n\nFollow us on Instagram!\n\n\nMake sure to hit the POST NOTIFICATIONS so you see when we upload!”

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